With unparalleled annual market coverage, culture specific marketing and social media campaigns, unmatched strategic and distributor partnerships, and ultra-flexible and reliable logistics services, St. Amand is the best choice for launching and growing your brand in Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond.

We are currently active in the following markets:

South America
– Brazil
– Colombia
– Peru
– Chile
– Argentina
– Paraguay
– Uruguay
– Bolivia
– Ecuador

Central America
– Panama
– Costa Rica
– Guatemala
– Honduras
– Nicaragua
– El Salvador
– Belize

North America
– Mexico

– Antigua & Barbuda
– Anguilla
– Aruba
– Bahamas
– Barbados
– Bermuda
– Bonaire
– Cayman Islands
– Curacao
– Dominica
– Dominican Republic

– Grenada
– Jamaica
– Puerto Rico
– St. Kitts & Nevis
– St. Martin
– St. Maarten
– Trinidad & Tobago
– Turks & Caicos
– British Virgin Islands
– U.S. Virgin Islands

Strategy & Logistics. We provide winning strategies that ensure your products arrive safe, fresh, and at the best rates. From government registrations, to shipment tracking, to route and storage optimization, to taking advantage of export financial benefits, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Brand Representation. Your brand is our brand: we fiercely protect it, intelligently place it, perpetually promote it, and tirelessly track it so that you know the what/when/why/how of your brand in every market. We use the latest strategies, technologies, and social media tools to ensure your brand connects with the market.

Premier Partnerships. Our premier partnerships with the USDA, US Meat Export Federation, Alaska Seafood, Certified Angus Beef, best distributors in each market, top market sommeliers, effective local marketing firms, and market leading on and off-site retailers make us the only option for a comprehensive market solution.